The nano algae biomass LOREM TEST multiplication phase 1

This is a solar energy project for high-tech agriculture – specializing in producing microalgae for aquaculture, animal husbandry, food, etc. The entire roof system of the factory is produced by solar panels with modern technology, which helps a part of energy convert into electricity, the rest continues through the panels to serve the algae farming inside. green house – green house. We are not only creating green energy but growing products that consume CO2-generating O2- oxygen to help create a clean environment.

By the end of phase 1 of 2020, Solagron factory has successfully produced and tested the most popular microalgae products used for aquaculture in Vietnam. This is the first factory in Vietnam to produce microalgae with automatic and recirculating technology in using culture, automatic bottling and has a modern storage system of ISO 2200-2019 standard. Products of microalgae can be used up to 2 years. With this technology, Solagron created a brand of microalgae called Star Algae.

Brand logo Star Algae

The birth of Star Algae is a technological leap, solving the most difficult stage in the production of high-quality aquatic breeds, creating a premise to promote the marine farming industry in Vietnam to a new level, industrialization and professionalization. Clean and good quality microalgae like breast milk contribute to larvae of shrimp, fish and molluscs in the hatching stage to absorb nutrition, stay healthy, increase survival rate, create quality breeds. superiority and cost reduction for producers.

One of the most remarkable advantages of Star Algae’s microalgae products is that algae are produced at very high densities and condensed hundreds of times, so using only 1 liter of gelatinous algae is equivalent to that of 200-1000 liters of algae biomass, saving a lot of area of ​​hatchery. Just frozen, then thawed to use anytime, anywhere, not afraid of sunshine, rain, unusual weather affecting the production of algae like traditional methods.

The nano algae biomass multiplication phase was conducted in a closed greenhouse and with high biological safety.

The automatic algae management technology uses the most modern algae farming system in the world today from the US, the Netherlands, the UK, … selected and operated by a team of doctors, masters and teams. Specialized engineering has more than 10 years of experience in researching, producing algae and operating large hatcheries across the country. We have automatic devices to regulate the environment, equipment to check the health and respiration of algae, technology to select algae, to control quality, … to ensure that algae cells grow plump, dark. not only in terms of shape and nutrition, but also regulates the intensity of lighting and resting for microalgae so that they do not suffer from stress leading to degradation – just like Star Algae’s slogan for microalgae is ” Quality life under Water “-” Quality life under Water “.

Thalas product for PL and Nanno for seed mollusk

In addition to production for hatcheries, a number of cultured microalgae products with extremely good health and tolerance to environmental changes are used to make the process of rapidly coloring water, creating natural food for aquatic products. . Imagine before, you need a few days to a week with sunshine, favorable weather to color the pond before stocking, in the pond there may appear many trash algae, harmful animals, fungi. reduce the survival rate of fish and shrimp. Using Star Algae products, just a clean pond, after 2 hours of thawing, splashing fresh algae, we have a pond full of algae: noon color – post drop – if the application is successful, it will save more save a lot of labor costs, electricity, chemicals for the farm, especially farms with many ponds.

The tested Nanno algae product proved successful

In the future, together with scientists, customer systems and consumers, we will develop valuable microalgae species to step by step make this waste-free, smoke-free, green agriculture. step by step development. Microalgae have been invested in research technology by advanced countries in the world and are products of the future to provide food for humans and animals. With this remarkable technology, we are proud that Vietnam owns one of the world’s best microalgae production plants, technology and research & development -R & D system.

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